Monday, November 06, 2006

Sheridan Street Bridge

I go under this bridge every day I walk the Rock Island Bike Trail. I love how the trees provide a canopy across the bike path. It doesn't seem possible that they're almost completely bare now. With our warm temps today (66) and even warmer in tomorrow's forecast, it sure doesn't feel like fall. But I'm not complaining! It won't be long before we're dealing with ice, snow and subzero temps.


tanabata said...

The leaves are just starting to think about changing colour here. I'm loving the cooler weather though.

Bellezza said...

You walk every day? How wonderful. By the time I get home now, it's dark. And my feet hurt. I'm hoping after my surgery I'll be out again, because I certainly miss seeing the bridge on the walk I used to take every day this summer.

Les said...

Nat, our weather keeps bouncing around. It was 84 yesterday! We been in the 20s already this season, so it feels odd (but nice!) to be back in short sleeves and sandals.

Bellezza, yep. I try to walk every day after work (I get off around 2:30ish). Of course, it's much easier to enjoy the walks when the weather's nice. I'm not sure how much of a routine I'll have when the windchill is in the teens and the bike trail is iced over. I don't mind walking on snowpack but ice is a bit unnerving! I hope your recovery goes quickly so you can get back out on your walks. Keep me posted!