Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Another feathered friend. He made a brief appearance a few years ago on the 5th of July. We think all the noise from the 4th scared him away from his normal habitat and he found refuge in a tree near our front porch. He hung around for a day or two, but we never saw him again.


Anonymous said...

What kind of tree is the owl in? We had one around here for a couple days once, and then it was gone. You'd think with woods all around us we would see and hear them often, but we don't. I'd like to read up on owls, and find out more about them.

Les said...

It's a redbud tree (which has white blossoms in the spring - go figure!). I love owls, but when this guy was perched outside our bedroom window that one night, he kept me awake with all his hooting. By the way, one of my favorite books to read to Amy when she was little is called Owl Moon.