Monday, September 04, 2006

The Return of the Wasp


Bellezza said...

However did you get such great close-ups? Without getting stung? I'm very impressed.

The flowers that you grow are just beautiful. I'm getting lots of vicarious reinforcement from your garden blog, just wishing I could enjoy it from a porch! ;)

Toesies said...

Wow, your pictures are fabulous, Les! I haven't been here since you redid the site. Your flowers are stunning; I wish you could come fix my poor, tattered garden. Mine has been sadly neglected during the hot months.

Les said...

Bellezza, the potted plant (see my Lantana post) is on our deck and I was sitting with my camera, waiting for a camera-shy hummingbird to return so I could snap a better picture than I previously had (see Aug. 23 post - I wish I new how to link in these comments!). I used the zoom on my camera, but was still fairly close. I wasn't bothering the wasp, so he didn't bother me. Glad you're enjoying my garden via the blog. You're welcome to come visit any time. Late May/Early June is always the nicest here. ;)

Nancy - Thank you. I really don't do much with my plants. Water and deadhead and hope for the best. I am fortunate that we have quite a bit of shade, so even with the high summer temps, the plants get a bit of a reprieve from the harsh sunlight.