Saturday, July 15, 2006

Come To My Garden

In spite of the unforgiving temps (both in summer and winter) of the Midwest, I have grown to love puttering in my yard, tending the flower beds as one would a young child, coaxing each plant along through its tender youth, cheering as it blooms for the first time each season, poring over books in search of solutions when it fails to thrive or is attacked by invisible pests, and weeping when it simply gives up and dies for no apparent reason (or is devoured by a wascelly wabbit!).

Gardening brings me joy and frustration, but the former makes it all worthwhile. I can spend hours lost in the mundane act of pulling weeds or deadheading spent blooms, only to return to the cool comfort of our house when I suddenly realize I've forgotten to stop for lunch. Or water. Or bug spray. It's as close to a Zen experience as I've ever come.

I hope you enjoy my photographs and ramblings. Pour yourself a cold drink, grab a hat, and join me in the garden when you get a chance.

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